Starlight 2

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Instructions: Use Mouse to Rotate Stars | Find a Viewpoint Where Stars and Lines Form a Picture as Quickly as You Can



Starlight 2 – Brilliant puzzle game by Stankevych Family (Kostiantin and Julia): Official sequel to the original Starlight now with better CG, better background graphics and even more intelligent puzzles. Starlight 2 looks simply amazing, especially with the harmonic and soft musical background. Excellent game for relaxation and brain training at the same time.

4 Main Achievements in the Starlight 2 game:

  1. Disciple (unlocks when you beat half of the “classic” levels)
  2. Expert (unlocks when you beat all of the “classic” levels)
  3. Specialist (unlocks when you beat half of the “pro” levels)
  4. Professional (unlocks when you beat all of the “pro” levels)

7 Additional Achievments

  1. Stargazer (Beat half of the “Quiz” levels without a single mistake)
  2. Astronomer (Beat all of the “Quiz” levels without a single mistake)
  3. Tornado (Beat all “classic” levels in less than 7:30 minutes)
  4. Hurricane (Beat all “pro” levels in less then 23 minutes)
  5. Lightning (Beat all “quiz” levels without a single mistake in less than 2:40 minutes)
  6. Completionist (Beat all game modes)
  7. Star Master (Unlock all achievements in the game)

Starlight 2 is a lot of fun, can try and play it in hardcore mode – if its achievements, you are after or play in calm and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy the game. There is also a level editor in Starlight 2: Allowing you to create and share your own constellations.

You Earn 200 Points for Each Completed Level
Time Spent in Each Level Also Affects the Amount of Scores You Receive for Completing Levels.


Developed by Kostiantin Stankevych. 2010
Music by Kostiantin Stankevych
Level Design by Julia Stankevych
Background GFX by Igor Udushlivy
Starlight 2, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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