Stick War

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Instructions: Keyboard Only – Follow In Game Tutorial



Stick War game is basically an analogy to Bowmaster Prelude game and unfortunately it looks just as %@!# as BMP. Both share the same game concept but realization is slightly different. These details are not as important as the part when both games are insanely popular. There’s an economy system in the game, mining resources and using resources to build armies. And when you put it like that it sounds adequate and normal. However, in reality this economy and whole mining thing is just ridicules, why bother going through all this trouble, makes no sense. Strategic elements in Stick War are very poor and incomprehensive.

A negative review, we’re not used to this but there are two factors at hand: First is that the game is incredibly popular and we can’t just ignore it. However we are also obligated to judge all the games objectively, and unfortunately our gamer team was in mutual agreement that the Stick War game stinks. Speaking of obligations, soon enough, you’ll probably be seeing sequels to Stick War Game in this website, let’s hope SW2 is a better game.


Control Keys
Basic Controls: WASD or Arrow Keys to Move; W&D or Left&Right Arrow Keys or Mouse Scroll Screen
More Control Keys – See Below
“Miner” Space Bar: when near gold mine to mine; WASD or Arrow Keys to Move
“Achidon” Mouse: Aim and Fire WASD or Arrow Keys to Move
“Swordwrath/Clubman/Magikill Minion” WASD to Move; Space to Attack; Q to Block
“Spearton” WASD to Move; Space to Attack; Q to Block; F to Throw Spear;
“Magikill” WASD to Move; Space to Stan/Attack; F to Summon Minions;
“Giant” Space to Attack; WASD to Move

Stick War Game

Developed idea – Jason Whitham. 2009
Coder – Brock White
Art and Animation – Jason Whitham
Music – Battle of Shadow Elves by Chris Haigh; Field of Memories by Waterflame; Entering the Stronghold by Denny Schneideme
Stick War, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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