Strike Force Heroes 3

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Instructions: WASD – Move; R – Reload; E/Ctrl – Kill Streak; Mouse – Aim and Shoot



Strike Force Heroes 3! – 1 more month and you can play SFH3 at Index Mental website, which is awesome, much better then Strike Force Heroes 1 and Strike Force Heroes 2, much much better! But a lot has changed and it’s different from what you remember. There’s no more choosing character classes from the beginning like in previous games. You are to follow the campaign with preset characters. However everything is still there, you just have to unlock them. Unlock characters, weapons and everything else. You won’t be seeing Skills and Kill Streaks in the game menu from the beginning but not to worry, everything is still there, takes time to unlock stuff.

Strike Force Heroes 3 Will be available to play at Index Mental on 8 September 2015, along with in-depth review of the game. Don’t forget to check back in 1 month, good luck have fun.

Strike Force Heroes 3

Sky9 Games
Strike Force Heroes 3, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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