Strike Force Heroes

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Instructions: WASD to Move, Mouse – Aim and Shoot; Q – Change Weapon



Strike Force Heroes – Epic shooting flash game by Sky 9 Games where you get to customize your character and play arena vs NPC. There’s plenty more to Strike Force Heroes but let’s begin with the most interesting part. The Character: – Each character in Strike Force Heroes game has Primary and Secondary attributes and Stats.


Character Class Stats Primary Attributes Secondary Attributes
Medic Health Damage | Accuracy | Range | Fire Rate |Ammo Damage | Accuracy | Range | Fire Rate |Ammo
Assassin Critical Damage | Accuracy | Head Damage | Fire Rate |Ammo Damage | Accuracy | Range | Fire Rate |Ammo
Commando Aim Damage | Accuracy | Range | Fire Rate |Ammo Damage | Accuracy | Range | Fire Rate |Ammo
Tank Ammo Damage | Accuracy | Range | Fire Rate |Ammo Damage | Accuracy | Range | Fire Rate |Ammo


Secondary attributes (damage/accuracy/range/fire rate/ammo) apply to secondary weapon only. To improve stats and attributes, you need to level up character. Leveling up also unlocks set of skills for the character as well as access to better weapons. And finally, each character in SFH belongs to 1 of 4 available character class: 1. Medic; 2. Assassin; 3. Commando; 4. Tank; if you decide to rebuild the character class, you’ll have to level it up, just like you did with your main character. Basically switching class is the same as building new character. That’s how the customization works in Strike Force Heroes Game.

When it comes to gameplay, remember Quake Arena game? Or Unreal Tournament? The principle is the same. Of course there are major differences in concept realization, not to mention the fact that Strike Force Heroes is full 2D. But the fundamentals are the same: You and your teammates (NPC) fight against opponent team (NPC).  There is no multiplayer mode in Strike Force Heroes unfortunately, so you get to play with NPC in your team only.

There’s a lot more to Strike Force Heroes game, you’ll learn all as you play the game and keep leveling up. Have fun and good luck.

Strike Force Heroes

Sky9 Games
Strike Force Heroes, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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