Sugar Sugar 2

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Instructions: Draw With Your Mouse to Get Enough Sugar in the Cup



Shame on you Bart Bonte : ) Sugar Sugar 2 my a$$… it’s a fake, disguised Sugar Sugar 1. Why not just call it a level pack or something… There’s nothing new in it except for new levels. No one expected engine rework or fancy graphics but Sugar Sugar was never about that anyway. Some new instruments like gravity switch would be nice… Adding social buttons is what makes the game sequel? NO! To be fair, Sugar Sugar 3 is not full of innovations as well but at least it looks decent. Probably not fair trashing such a popular game but it is our duty to write objective reviews for all the games, here at Index Mental…. So Shame on You Bart Bonte!

Sugar Sugar 2

Developed by Bart Bonte
Sugar Sugar 2, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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