Sugar Sugar 3

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Instructions: Draw lines using mouse to direct/redirect sugar flow



Sugar Sugar 3 finally out! It looks better and feels better but don’t expect much innovation. Regardless, the game is fantastic. iPhone and Android versions also available for those into mobile gaming. Flash version is the best of course. It’s only been few days since the release and we already have 200k “gameplays” in Kong. 30 new levels by Bart Bonte himself with much smoother animation and better looking imagery. Images and sugar animation is basically all there is, but as you know, Sugar Sugar 3 or previous games is not about visuals; it’s a physics based gravity puzzle game with dynamic puzzle solving game process played by mouse only. Very creative and original game by Bonte Games.

There was a minor bug in level 16 making you restart the level but it has been fixed. SS 3 is a little harder than previous games but then again this means more gametime = more fun.

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Developed by Burt Bonte. 2011
Game Code, Graphics and Music by Bart Bonte

Sugar Sugar 3, 4.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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