Sugar Sugar

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Instructions: Draw lines using mouse to direct/redirect sugar flow.



The first thing that comes to mind is “WoW what a classy game”, intelligent even. On the other hand, there’s nothing intelligent about it, it’s just an impression you get when play Sugar Sugar. No biggy, just another flash game – physics based puzzle / skill game by Bart Bonte. But then again, there was nothing intelligent about “Tetris” either, I believe is a fair comparison, Sugar Sugar game is just as epic. Perhaps the only thing lacking here is a “level creator/level editor”, because, the game does not last long. All good things come to an end… rather fast in this case. Not to worry though, there’s “Freeplay Mode” in the game, whatever that means.


Sugar Sugar

Developed by Burt Bonte. 2011

Game Code, Graphics and Music by Bart Bonte

Sugar Sugar, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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