Sword Fight

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Arrow Keys to Move; Interract/Confirm – Z; Skip Text / Look Around – C; Cancel/Other Actions – X; Discard BP – Space;


Oh boy… this game reminds of something and I can’t quite figure out what it is. Either way, there’s plenty we don’t like about Sword Fight game, like for example, absence of the normal game menu where you can chill out and sort some stuff. The moment you open the game, it jumps straight to the fight which isn’t turn based by the way and it never stops. You win against 1 person, next one is up without any warning, well unless you pause the game, which is the only useful feature in the game UI.

About the game itself… Sword Fight has a lot of Cursed Dungeon game? Only except monsters you fight the opponents like yourself (PVE). And naturally it all comes down to stats: HP, Stamina, Attack, Hit rating, Defense and Critical strike chance. Also there’s a currency (gold) that you need to purchase certain things/upgrades. Honestly, this is not the game I would recommend to anyone, however, due to it’s insane popularity (for whatever reason) we decided to publish it anyway.  Share your thoughts down in the comments section below and enjoy the game.


Sword Fight Game

Sword Fight, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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