Tainted Kingdom

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Instructions: Mouse only; Find instructions and list of hotkeys in game.



“Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.” John F. Kennedy


Tainted Kingdom – A war – strategy game developed by Krin: original game concept with quality cut scenes, tactical missions, achievements and challenges as well as extra bonus game modes. Most people who played Tainted Kingdom say “cinemtaics” are better than the game itself. Some people find Tainted Kingdom too complicated. Which is not completely wrong to be honest. Truth is, game concept is very complex and it takes time to learn how to do things… absence of tutorial isn’t helping either. But as soon as you learn the basics, the game gets really entertaining.

Even though there is no actual tutorial in Tainted Kingdom, first few missions are designed to teach you basics of gameplay, (just wish it was done more intelligently). Krin deemed that “no tutorial was necessary”, a slight miscalculation… Not to worry though, it’s not totally hopeless: you’ll be briefed before each mission, explained what needs to be done and how to do it. Most of Tainted Kingdom missions are about destroying green enemy bases, and before proceeding, player must occupy the staging points.

There are 5 units / 5 type of soldiers in Tainted Kingdom (5 soldiers) as well as 3 Special Units and 8 passive upgrades. Upgrades and soldiers need to be unlocked fist. In starting levels you can use “melee infantry unit” as well as 1 special unit – Hero. Once the staging point is ready, you may attack the enemy camp. The actual combat system looks a lot like Warfare 1944.

Combat Mechanics

  • You must put a unit into one of 3 slots to send it out on that lane. Sending troops to any slot triggers 5 second cooldown for that slot. Also the population will decrease by 1.
  • Keep sending troops until the population limit is reached – the blue number under your life bar reaches zero
  • Now here is the important part: before you decide to send soldiers aimlessly, take a look at the right side of the screen (enemy side). You will see the red slot (just like your 3 slots, only red instead of green). Red slot shows what the enemy is about to send out.

These are the basics to combat, however not all missions are similar and same tactic will not work for all missions. Good luck and have fun playing Tainted Kingdom.

Tainted Kingdom

Developed by Krin. 2008
Music by David Orr
Cinematics by Will Arbuckle
Graphics by Joan C. G.
Story and Voices by Andrew Dennis
Voice Actor – Joshua Tomar
Game Design by Phillip Knothe
Tainted Kingdom, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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