Tequila Zombies

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WASD to Move. Space Bar to Shoot / Hit; S to Pickup Items



Tequila Zombies 1 – the first game from the Tequila Zombies series. Nothing special, pure “esthetic value” for Index Mental gaming website. In actuality the game is horrible: Low resolution for starters that cannot be change, 700×400. No cut scenes, no storyline no nothing. Not to mention the huge aiming issue. Everything else is just as you’d expect: gameplay is similar to Tequila Zombies 2 and Tequila Zombies 3.  There’s a Weapon and weapon bar, health bar and Tequila power bar etc.

Wish there was more to say about Tequila Zombies 1 but there’s not. In fact, we recommend going for game 2 or 3 instead, if you want some hardcore zombie slaying action. Good luck and have fun.

Weapon shop on the other hand looks good even in the game 1:



Melee Pistols Sub-M. Guns Shotguns Snipe Machine Guns Heavy
Machete Beretta Ingram Ruger Scout Styre H&K Caws Minigun
Axe Colt MP5 Remington MSG90 Jack Hammer M60
Stake Hammer Glock17 Tommy Gun Winchester M95 AK47
Chainsaw Desert Eagle FN90 M4A1

Tequila Zombies 1

Iriy Soft
Tequila Zombies, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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