The Bravest Hunter

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Okay Rudy, first thing you need to know about RPG games, especially AD&D type, especially the ones with swords and dragons and elves and dwarves… these kind of RPG games and Sci-Fi / Fashion-ish themes don’t go well together; Well in this case it’s the color scheme and some minor issues like when you enter Tavern and it looks like a slot machine? And one last thing… The very first mission is a boss fight… Really?

Enough about the negative, because The Bravest Hunter game is a very decent RPG Flash Game when you adapt to rather strange fantasy world of The Braves Hunter game. Combat mechanics is 9/10: it reminds classic JRPG but not really. Everything else is ok too: the mission rewards, inventory, potions, XP and leveling system etc. “fancy looking” doesn’t mean good when it comes to RPG but the weird game theme is tolerable because of balanced TBS fights and interesting gameplay process.


The Bravest Hunter

Developed by Artologic Games. 2013
The Bravest Hunter, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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