The Idiot Test

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Instructions: Read the Question, Use Mouse to Answer It



Not legit IQ test so don’t sweat it. The Idiot Test flash game by Ryan Curtis that he claims he created in 2-3 hours is just a lol test game and you’ll either beat it or you’ll fail it depending on your observation skills and nothing more. No complicated calculations or special knowledge required.

The Idiot Test is a primitive flash based test, in which all you have to do is read the question and take adequate action for example – AI says: “Simply click the square to begin” there are several objects on the screen of all shapes and sizes, just find a square and click it. If you’re retarded enough to fail this task, feel free to use hints like “The Square is blue”.


The Idiot Test Flash Game

Developed by Ryan Curtis
The Idiot Test, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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