Tricky Rick

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Instructions: Keyboard Only – Follow In Game Tutorial


Rick’s job is to collect fuel everywhere, your job is to help Rick, but sometimes it gets real tricky; solving mini puzzles to help Rick is what the game is about. We’re not talking about physics based puzzles, but rather good old tricky puzzles, out of the box puzzles; sometimes very obvious and sometimes very unique. It is critically important to stop and read all notifications when they appear. This will help you understand the mechanics of current level and how to deal with tasks. For example, in some levels you have to utilize items like Power Generator, Elevators, and Switches etc. Notifications will explain how to use items.

The game is fun, if you enjoy puzzle games like this. Trick Rick is excellent for kids: Bright colors, funny characters and not too difficult puzzles the game content is heavily filtered for kids.

Tricky Rick Flash Game

Developed by tAMAS Games. For Kongregate Website. 2012
NAPE Game Dynamics – Luca Deltodesco
Menu Music – Julio Kladniew
In Game Music – Mikhail Galkin and Alexander Khaskin
Tricky Rick, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating