Trollface Quest

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Instructions: Mouse Only



TrollFace Quest by PiterGames, the very first game of the legendary comic flash game series. Everyone knows about TrollFace, every single person on the internet knows about Trollface but does anyone know where this mystery face come from? That’s right, we didn’t know either, until we did a small research: it appears trollface came from well, check this out. So the PiterGames guys are not the original authors of the “face”. They however are the ones who created Troll Face Games, which is the important part in all this.

TrollFace Quest is the first game of all 4, it is also the funniest and coolest of all. Here at Index Mental you can play all 4 Troll face games and also check out walkthrough guides for all series. Index Mental gaming team did a great job on recording walkthroughs in only 2 hours. You can look up videos at this website on YouTube Index Mental Channel.

There are several stages in Troll Face Quest game, in each stage you need to solve a unique and very original puzzle in order to move on to next level. Stickman artwork and parodies on popular movies mixed with “out of the box” puzzles… it’s amazing. Good luck and have fun, try not to use walkthrough much.

TrollFace Quest

Piter Games
Trollface Quest, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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