TT Racer

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Instructions: Mouse Controlled / Alternative Keys – WASD / Arrow Keys to Drive; X Nitro



TT Racer – Very unique bike racing game with 24 Achievements / Awards, 6 Tracks and 32 Upgrades. Interesting part of TT Racer is the control system: TT Racer is a Mouse Only Racing Game. Mouse controlled racing game is immensely rare, in fact, this is the very first game we’ve ever come across. Even if its bike racing, it takes time to learn how to play.

Not much to say about TT Racer, the game is unique because of its control mechanism but that’s about it. Everything else you’ve seen in other games by LONGANIMALS. 32 upgrades mentioned above is separated in 4:

  • Top Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Grip
  • Nitro

The upgrades work almost the same as in Heat Rush games. Paint jobs also available and there’s a scoring system too. Total score for your career, it doesn’t really affect anything substantial in the game, just a score. Even though there are 6 tracks only, player has to complete 35 races to win including all modes and stages so the game is not as short as it seems. Strange as it sounds, tracks are separated into stages. You’ll learn all about it during the game. Have fun, enjoy TT Racer.


TT Racer

Art by Biscuit Locker
Powered by Snake Engine
TT Racer, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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