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Arrow Keys to Move; Interract/Confirm – Z; Skip Text / Look Around – C; Cancel/Other Actions – X; Discard BP – Space;


Not sure if I can find a right comparison to this game, probably not. Unstable is a pixel puzzle game, escaping game in which you learn various robotic blueprints and solve puzzles. Nothing special really but the gameplay is executed too well and much attention paid to game world and details. Slightly melancholic atmosphere suits Unstable game well. The concept is interesting and even if you are not into pixel games, this  one will be an exception.

Some aspects of the game are a bit confusing and even irritating like inability to turn off the screen flickering but those are minor issues. also, it going to take some time how to operate the robot and learn how the puzzles work. Love the approach though, different from most puzzle games somewhat similar to this.

Unstable by Wigdew

Game Design, Programming, Sprites, Sounds and Level Design by David Wigram
Game Made with Flixel
Sounds with Chptone
Testing: Peter Wigram, John Wigram
Birdsong Recording: Diramus
Unstable, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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