V8 Muscle Cars

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Instructions: WASD or Arrow Keys to Drive; X – Turbo Boost



And another amazing racing game by Turbo Nuke: V8 Muscle Cars! This time with really dodgy achievements and cool cars, oh all the cars in the game are super awesome, especially if you’re into American Muscle Cars… Total 6 tracks, 5 of them locked. To unlock 5 tracks you need to:

  • Finish in the top 7 to unlock second track (Road to Nowhere)
  • Finish in the top 5 to unlock third track (Road Works)
  • Finish in the top 3 to unlock fourth track (Mountain Madness)
  • Finish in the top 2 to unlock fifth track (Farm Country)
  • Win the Race to unlock last track (Frantic Freeway)

Now about the “Dodgy Achievements” mentioned above. There are 10 achievements total and all of them are kind for hard.

  1. Beginners Luck: Win the First Race
  2. Vandalism: Destroy 25 Billboards
  3. Time Flies (Play 30 Minutes) that shouldn’t be difficult
  4. Cone Cruncher: Knock Over 50 Traffic Cones
  5. Underdog: Recover from 10th Place
  6. Smashing Time: Collide with 50 Vehicles
  7. Easy Peasy: Win all Races in the Sports Model
  8. Out in Front: Lead A Race for 90% of it
  9. Unlock Sports: Place First 3 in all Races

The juicy part is the cars in the game: 5 American V8 Muscle cars, we leave the identification the car models up you. All cars in the game have different stats: Speed/Grip/Turbo/Suspension. (Which can be improved through the upgrade system). Kind of unique driving experience and impression for all car models. Speaking of driving experience in V8 Muscle Cars game, it differs from almost all the other games by Turbo Nuke. GFX quality is low because the game is full 3D, not Pseudo 3D like most racing flash games. Watch out during the race, colliding with other cars causes speed loss, compensating distance is kind of tough if you’re close to finish line.

Upgrades and Cars

Like in most Turbo Nuke games, New cars are free, you just need to unlock them, however, in V8 Racing Cars game upgrades cost $… Making $ is easy, even if you don’t win the race you get certain amount of $. Better position you finish, the more $ you get. There are 4 types of upgrades in the game:

  • Engine
  • Grip
  • Turbo Boost
  • Suspension

All the upgrades affect the driving experience but not too much. Also it is important to know when to use Turbo Boost: boost is extremely effective for acceleration after losing speed. Pick up Golden Coins with “T” inside it during the race, each coin will allow you to use 1 Turbo Boost.


V8 Muscle Cars

Developed by Turbo Nuke
Code and Programming by Pete Baron
Artwork by Lord Garland
User Interface Art by Robot Jam
Audio by Inphase
V8 Muscle Cars, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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