Warfare 1917

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Warfare 1917 – Strategy Game by Con Artists of Armor Games. Nearly 40 million plays in AG, one of the most played strategy flash games of all times.

The game concept is unique but simple: You select a side to lead into your Warfare campaign (British/German). Each army has its own strengths and weaknesses as well as specialty units available. Warfare 1917 gameplay concept really is unique: There are numbers of games out there with similar gameplay but not as advanced as Warfare 1917 game. For example Zombie Trailer Park, it is very similar but ZTP game mechanics are more primitive.

The idea is to lead an army through the trenches to defeat enemy. Strategic part of the game lies in using foot soldiers, artillery and mortars in a right time, as well as in knowing when to leave trenches and upgrade priorities. There’s bunch of upgrades in the game for all kinds of improvements. Weapon and Armor upgrades, Mortar and Artillery Upgrades, Infantry Weapon and Armor, Gasses and more. See the full list of upgrades below.

XP is awarded by winning battles. Amount of bonus XP player gets is conditioned by several factors: 1. Enemies killed; 2. Squads Deployed; 3. Squads Lost; 4. Trenches Taken; 4. Support Used. Winning battles (not all battles) is the key to unlocking new abilities and units, also player receives certain amount of skill points. Skill points are necessary to purchase upgrades in Warfare 1917.

Warfare 1917 Upgrades - Infantry and Armor

  • Rally - Warfare 1917 Skill Rally - Effect: 10% Faster Reinforcement
    Reinforcements Will Arrive Quicker for All Infantry

  • Ballistics - Warfare 1917 Skill Ballistics - Effect: 15% Damage to Rifles
    All Infantry Armed With Rifles Will Inflict More Damage

  • Hard Headed - Warfare 1917 Skill Hard Headed - Effect: +10% to Defense
    All Infantry Soldiers Gain a Slight Defensive Bonus

  • Morale Boost - Warfare 1917 Skill Morale Boost - Effect: 15% Boost to Morale
    Your Men Recieve an Extra Ration of Rum Before Each Fight

  • Post Haste - Warfare 1917 Skill Post Haste - Effect: 15% Faster Reinforcement
    Decreases the Reinforcement Time for all Units Even Further

  • High Explosive - Warfare 1917 Skill High Explosive - Effect: Larger Area of Effect for Grenades
    Our Engineers Have Tweaked the Mills Bomb to Pack more of a Punch

  • Entrenched - Warfare 1917 Skill Entrenched - Effect: 10% Defense When Entrenched
    Infantry Have Been Trained in Defending Themselves Better in the Trenches

  • Officer Rally - Warfare 1917 Skill Officer Rally - Effect: Larger Bonus Area
    Your Officers Will Take Command Over Larger Numbers of Men

  • Range Training - Warfare 1917 Skill Range Training - Effect: +50% Damage for Sharpshooters
    Your Sharpshooters Have Spent Time Training on the Range

  • Fire Support - Warfare 1917 Skill Fire Support - Effect: +30% Damage for Lewis Gunners
    Gunner Crews are Trained Together to Provide More Deadly Fire Support

  • Tank Command - Warfare 1917 Skill Tank Command - Effect: +25% Damage and Defense
    Tanks Deal More Damage and Take Less

Warfare 1917 Upgrades - Fire Suppport

  • Mortar Accuracy - Warfare 1917 Skill Mortar Accuracy - Effect: 25% More Accuracy
    Mortar Crews WilL Fire Far More Accurately at Designated Targets

  • Mortar Barrage - Warfare 1917 Skill Mortar Barrage - Effect: Additional Rounds
    Increases the Amount of Rounds Fired in a Single Mortar Strike

  • Heavy Mortar - Warfare 1917 Skill Heavy Mortar - Effect: +30% Damage to Tanks
    Mortar Shells are Far More Effective Against Tanks

  • Toxic Gas - Warfare 1917 Skill Toxic Gas - Effect: +25% Damage
    Our Gas Make Up Has Been Altered to Be More Effective

  • Artillery Accuracy - Warfare 1917 Skill Artillery Accuracy - Effect: 25% More Accurate
    Artillery Crews Fire More Accurately on Designated Targets

  • Artillery Barrage - Warfare 1917 Skill Artillery Barrage - Effect: Additional Rounds
    Increases the Amount of Rounds Fired in a Single Artillery Strike

  • Heavy Artillery - Warfare 1917 Skill Heavy Artillery - Effect: +30% More Damage to Tanks
    Artillery and Anti-Tank Shells are More Effective Against Hard Targets

  • Lingering Gas - Warfare 1917 Skill Lingering Gas - Effect: +30% Duration
    Our Gas Has Been Reformulated to Hang Longer in the Air

  • Resupply - Warfare 1917 Skill Resupply - Effect: +40% Faster Resupply
    All Types of Fire Support Resupply Are Shortened Significantly

  • Barrage of Fire - Warfare 1917 Skill Barrage of Fire - Effect: Additional Rounds
    Makes Artillery Strikes Long and Intense Barages Which Will Decimate the Enemy

  • Anti-Tank Barrage - Warfare 1917 Skill Anti-Tank Barrage - Effect: Additional Rounds
    Anti-Tank Batteries Will Fire More Rounds at Enemy Tanks

Warfare 1917

Con Artists of Armor Games. 2008
Game Design, Code and Animation by Chris Condon “Con”
Music by James Cussen
Voice Actors
Totalbiscuit (wcradio.com) as British Soldier
Brian James Smith as British Soldier
David Weinberger as British Soldier
Frank Dinictus Wehrmeijer as German Soldier
Scott Latham as German Soldier
Warfare 1917, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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