Warfare 1944

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Warfare 1944

How to Play

Tutorial - How to Play Warfare 1944 “Deploying men costs resources. Resources that will come in a steady flow over time. To deploy a unit, select it from the bottom bar select and then select a place where you want to it deployed. You can control soldiers on the field by selecting them directly. After selecting a unit, use action from the Intel bar. About the winning conditions: There are several ways to win the battle, most effective way to win is to take control of the battlefield, if you manage to get to that point, the enemy will give up. Another way to win the battle is to destroy the morale of the enemy, see the moral indicator on the top panel of the game window. Destroying morale can be achieved through: 1. killing enough enemies. 2. Greatly outnumbering enemy. 3. Advancing farther to the enemy territory. This is how the game works, it’s not much different from Warfare 1917 but there are few differences.

Warfare 1944 Training Upgrades

  • Ballistics - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Ballistics - Effect: +15% More Damage
    All Infantry Armed With Rifles and Sub-Machine Guns Will Inflict More Damage

  • Take Over - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Take Over - Effect: +10% to Defense
    All Infantry Soldiers Gain a Slight Defensive Bonus

  • Red White and Blue - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Red White and Blue - Effect: +10% to Starting Morale
    Morale Boost to Our Fighting Men

  • Post Haste - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Post Haste - Effect: 10% Faster Reinforcement
    Decreases the Reinforcement Time for All Units

  • Assault Tactics - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Assault Tactics - Effect: +10% Damage for Assault
    Assault Teams are Highly Trained and Deal More Damage

  • Hit em Hard - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Hit em Hard - Effect: +10% Damage on Flank Attack
    Our Units Will Do More Damage When Attacking From Flanks

  • Secure Flanks - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Secure Flanks - Effect: -20% from Morale Loss When Flanked
    Our Flanks and Support are Secure, the Men Aren't Worried

  • Resupply Inbound - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Resupply Inbound - Effect: 15% Faster Reinforcement
    Reinforcement Arrive Much Quicker

  • Fire Support - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Fire Support - Effect: +40% Damage for Machine Gun Team
    Your Machine Gun Team Have Spent Time Training on the Range

  • Go Go GO - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Go!Go!Go - Effect: +20% to Infantry Movement
    Time Doing Long Runs Has Increased Their Endurance

  • In Good Supply - Warfare 1917 Training Skill In Good Supply - Effect: -20% Resource Point Costs
    Resources Needed for All Infantry Units is Reduced

Warfare 1944 Equipment Upgrades

  • Grenades - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Grenades - Effect: Grenades Added to Units
    Riflemen and Assault Teams Have Been Supplied Grenades

  • Mortar Accuracy - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Mortar Accuracy - Effect: +25% More Accurate
    Mortar Crews Fire More Accurately on Designated Targets

  • Air Support - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Air Support - Effect: Air Support
    Officers Will Have Aircraft Support Available

  • Engine Upgrade - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Engine Upgrade - Effect: +25% Tank Movement Speed
    Our Tanks Now Roll Significantly Faster

  • Smoke Grenades - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Smoke Grenades - Effect: Smoke Grenades Added to Units
    Snipers and Assault Teams Have Been Supplied Smoke Grenades

  • Smoke Mortar - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Smoke Mortar - Effect: Smoke Rounds
    Mortar Teams Have Been Issued Smoke Rounds

  • Artillery - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Artillery - Effect: Artillery Available
    Officers Now Have Access to Call in Artillery Barrages

  • Anti-Infantry - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Anti-Infantry - Effect: +30% Tank MG Damage
    Our Tank MG Crew Have Been Trained in Anti-Personal Tactics

  • Explosives - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Explosives - Effect: +25% Explosive Damage
    All Infantry Based Explosives do More Damage

  • Barrage of Fire - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Barrage of Fire - Effect:Additional Rounds
    Makes Artilery Strikes Long and Intense barrages Which Will Decimate the Enemy

  • Armor Production - Warfare 1917 Training Skill Armor Production - Effect: -25% Resupply Time for Tanks
    Our Industry Has Been Working Overtime to Supply More Tanks

Warfare 1944

Con Artists of Armor Games.
Game Design, Code and Animation by Chris Condon “Con”
Music by James Cussen

Voice Actors:
Hugh Bossman as Tutorial Officer and American Soldier
Adam Sunders as American Soldier
Jake Wiltse as American Soldier
Derek Soulliere as American Soldier
Charly Salzmann as German Soldier
Scott Latham as German Soldier

Warfare 1944, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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