Worlds Hardest Game 2

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Instructions: God be with you mon… No instructions can help you with this…



Worlds Hardest Game 2 by Snubby: It may or may not be the hardest game in the world but it sure was hardest game our gamer team has ever come across. Sitting in the office for 50 hours trying to beat the game was unforgettable experience. Despite the minor bugs and glitches in the game, there was nothing significant, nothing that could stand in your way of beating the game.

50 levels of hell and hours and days of frustration is what awaits you in case you decide to go all the way. Nothing in the world will help you with it, no tips, no walkthroughs no nothing. It’s all about you and your skills of concentration, computer mouse using skills, focus and keeping it cool. We had nearly 2000 “Death Count” by the time we beat WHG 2. The game is actually harder than Worlds Hardest Game 3

1 thing you absolutely need to remember before proceeding: Beating the game will take about 40-60 hours, assuming you are very good and have some experience with Worlds Hardest Game… Which means, you need to keep your PC Up and Running until the very end. Better yet, don’t even shut down your browser. While in theory the “Game Save” progress should be safe until you clear browser cookies, we had disastrous experience of proving the theory wrong… In other words, the Saved Game may be lost even if you don’t clear your cache. Be careful and good luck.

World's Hardest Game 2

Developed by Snubby Land
Worlds Hardest Game 2, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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