Worlds Hardest Game 3

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Instructions: “Push it to the limit, push it through the pain. I push it for the pleasure, like a virgin to the game.



Hard to believe it took years to make Worlds Hardest Game 3… Well, because there’s nothing new or cool in it, it’s basically the same as Worlds Hardest Game and Worlds Hardest Game 2, with new levels and cosmetic rework. Adding more “Keys” and “Coins” is no way to make sequel. Some developers really need to stop calling sequels to level packs and expansions.

Look at the bright side… the music is new, even if it sucks. Extra noob check in the game menu has been implemented: Newbies won’t even be able to begin playing unless they get past the first obstacle. 100 death count before you even start the game, excellent… however this does not mean Worlds Hardest Game 3 is harder than game 2 or more interesting for that matter. Oh almost forgot – the main pain in the a$$ addressing “Game Saving” is still there. We have tried contacting developers with the issue but not only they did not do anything about it, they refuse to believe Saved Data gets lost without clearing browser cache. Anyway, beating the game won’t be easy no matter what so good luck and enjoy the game.

Worlds Hardest Game 3

A Game by Snubby Land
Created by Stevie Critoph
Music by SNAYK
Sponsored by Addicting Games
Worlds Hardest Game 3, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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