Worlds Hardest Game

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Instructions: Keyboard Only – Arrow Keys to Move



Yeah… I don’t think so, hardly the hardest game in the world… ironically, Worlds Hardest Game part two and 3, are much harder than the original Worlds Hardest Game, which is a little contradicting. You shouldn’t play WHG because it is supposed to be the hardest game to beat, you should play it because it’s fun and challenging and you don’t get to save the game progress when it gets tough.

The original game was developed by “Snubby Land” for Addicting Games website and to be honest, it is the best game from the series, despite the fact it’s the easiest one, and it actually makes sense, unlike the sequels, which is rather a level pack then actual sequel. Fact is, there’s nothing new in WHG 2 and 3 except stages/rooms. Good luck beating Worlds Hardest Game and don’t forget submitting your walkthrough videos!

Worlds Hardest Game

Developed by Snubby
GFX and Programming by Snubby
Music by Mexify895
Sounds Effects by Flash Kit
Worlds Hardest Game, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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