Zombie Crusade

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Zombie Crusade by Bubble Box, a bit underrated flash tower defense game that looks a lot like Kingdom Rush. Actually, it’s more than likely that KR engine or other elements have been used to create Zombie Crusade. While the animation in ZC TD struggles, the fantasy game world looks amazing. However zombies spoil it all: simply because Fantasy and Zombies detach each other. Speaking of similarities, not to mention the obvious, which is amount and types of towers (Mage/Artillery/Archery/Barracks) even the game design, imagery and code is very similar to KR. Still despite all that, the game world is kind of cute: chickens and farms, piglets and bees. Cute.

Those with KR experience may or may not like Zombie Crusade Tower Defense, but for newbies into TD genre, Z. Crusade is a jewel. Gameplay is less intense but the KR appeal is there. There are very few things that are unique to Zombie Crusade, for example Boss Fights: at the end of each level, you’ll be fighting a boss or a mini-boss if you like. Which does not really affect the game progress or does not make the level any harder but it’s still nice. Let us know your impressions about Zombie Crusade TD, good luck and have fun.

Zombie Crusade

Code and Programming by Damian D. El Mahiko
Art by Edgar Lutomski El Games
Music by Kevin Macleod
Zombie Crusade, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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