Zombie Trailer Park

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Instructions: Build Salvage Yard for Income, train Shovel Man, Farmers, and Survivalists etc. to fight zombies.




Gotta love developers for this, they create an epic an game but it lasts less than 30 minutes, what a shame. It makes you wanna play more but there is no more; only 4 levels/4 stages. Don’t bother looking for sequels or level packs, There are no Zombie Trailer Park Level Packs, Deal with it!

It’s not about epic storyline (there is no storyline at all), not an epic battle against zombies or crazy spec-effects, no Milla Jovovich kind of action and no Resident Evil kind of mystery. Zombie Trailer Park is Strategy a game of balance: You don’t earn any skill points in the game or learn new abilities… You don’t upgrade your weapons and armor, in fact you don’t have any. It’s all about your skills: quick responses and judgment calls. It’s not too hard to beat all 4 levels but you’ll certainly feel the difference between the levels. Adapting to Zombie Trailer Park gameplay is exactly what makes it so attractive, weird isn’t it?

Zombie Trailer Park

Developed for Ninja Kiwi by god knows whom and god knows when. Our estimate 5-6 years ago…
Zombie Trailer Park, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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